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Welcome to the mouthpiece catalog. Using the navigation menus to the left, or the links below, you will find specifications on the entire Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. product line. A few things to keep in mind as you view these pages; all comparisons are relative, as well as general descriptions. If you have any difficulties interpreting these pages, feel free to contact Marcinkiewicz Co. Inc. and we will be happy to assist you.

All Marcinkiewicz™ mouthpieces are held to the highest quality-control standards. All of our mouthpieces are made using single-point CNC technology. This ensures that any and all models will be the same, each time, every time.

We put our money where your mouth is to give the highest quality product available.

French Horn
Trombone (Tenor / Small Shank)
Trombone (Bass / Large Shank)

Patented Pro Line™ Concert Hall™ Mouthpiece

The patented Pro Line™ Concert Hall™ mouthpiece has a unique exterior design that offers optimal nodal enhancements by placing integral vibration dampeners in specific, calculated locations. The net result is a mouthpiece that gives an extremely stable center of pitch, allows unprecedented dynamic levels without distortion, and provides a rich, dark symphonic sound without adding the mass of a traditional heavy mouthpiece. Most stock models are also available with Concert Hall™ outside design.


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