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Marcinkiewicz Endorsing Artists

All of the artists presented here play Marcinkiewicz products because they want to, not because they are paid to. Click on their links to hear samples and learn more about them!

  • Jeff Adams

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  • John Berry

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  • Rick Braun

    A smooth jazz innovator of international acclaim, Rick Braun lays down the tastiest licks and grooves that will make you move.

  • Steve Cannon

    Another Northwest favorite and prolific performer, Steve Cannon led his own big band, The Blow Hards.

  • John Coppola

    Trumpet legend, and inspiration for the Marcinkiewicz “Coppola” model trumpet.

  • Rich Dahl

    As a music teacher and freelance performer, Rich has played every kind of music in every setting. He really knows trombones.

  • Dave Ginsberg

    After 57 years of playing with Rock, Blues, and Jazz luminaries, Dave just released his first CD as a leader entitled “Inner Spaces”.

  • Gary Guthman

    Best known for his tributes to Harry James, Gary puts on a show not to be missed.

  • Johnny Holliday

    Excellent musician and performer Johnny Holliday serenades audiences with his unique renditions of popular songs and original music.

  • Steve Jankowski

    Steve is currently touring with Blood, Sweat and Tears.

  • Vince Mai

    Vince is the quintessential jazz trumpeter.

  • Matt Martinez

    Matt has been fortunate enough to play his trumpet with various recording artists.

  • Teddy Mulet

    An amazing history, Teddy has played with everyone from Gloria Estefan to Blood Sweat and Tears. Currently with Blood Sweat and Tears.

  • Robert Payne

    Robert is the founder of the Bay Area group Tortilla Soup. Also a full time police officer and member of the police Honor Guard.

  • Manuel Rodriguez

    Gospel / jazz trumpeter and teacher out of San Antonio.

  • Cindy Shea

    Cindy Shea is the trumpeter and leader of the Mariachi Divas, an all female Mariachi band from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Alexandra Signor

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  • Gavi de Tarr

    Gavi is a product of the Pacific Northwest. He is currently playing full time with Debra Arlyn, Portland’s Female Vocalist of the Year 2008.