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Concert Hall Two-Piece French Horn Mouthpieces$210

Our French Horn Mouthpieces are specially designed to highlight to great diversity in sounds and range requirements of French horn players. We offer a verity of sizes from big rims and deep cups to small tighter rims and shallower cups. These options allow players to not only find the best feeling mouthpiece but the best sounding. Each model is offered in 2 outside body designs. In addition to rim and cup size each model number refers to the venture/hole size. For example a Model 13 uses a No. 13 drill.

To provide more choice and flexibility, we offer two piece horn mouthpieces utilizing threaded rims. Our thread size is compatible with most other manufacturers, including Giardinelli. On our standard 1-17 series, we have moved the rim/body meeting joint further down in the cup. By placing this joint lower down, the player is less likely to feel a "shelf" if the rim and body do not have the same diameter.

All screw rims are gold plated.

*French horn rims may be ordered individually, and are finished in a standard 24K gold plate. Silver rims are also available on a special order.

*Custom mouthpieces available upon request.

Model No. Outside Cup Inside Cup Cup Depth Drill Venturi Length
CH R 1S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.705 in.17.910 mm.1.006 in.25.550 mm.0.228 in.5.790 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 3S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.705 in.17.910 mm.0.992 in.25.200 mm.0.213 in.5.410 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 5S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.699 in.17.750 mm.0.983 in.24.970 mm.0.206 in.5.230 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 7S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.699 in.17.750 mm.0.974 in.24.740 mm.0.201 in.5.110 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 9S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.692 in.17.580 mm.0.965 in.24.510 mm.0.196 in.4.980 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 11S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.692 in.17.580 mm.0.956 in.24.280 mm.0.191 in.4.850 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 13S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.686 in.17.420 mm.0.947 in.24.050 mm.1.850 in.46.990 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 15S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.686 in.17.420 mm.0.938 in.23.830 mm.0.180 in.4.570 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.
CH R 17S0.996 in.25.300 mm.0.686 in.17.420 mm.0.929 in.23.600 mm.0.173 in.4.390 mm.2.500 in.63.500 mm.