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Endorsee Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces$125

The endorsee series represents a collection of custom mouthpieces made for specific players over our history. Measurements such as cup diameter and throat are not arranged systematically; however the series is numbered progressively by cup depth.

Also included is a collection of classic mouthpieces to help with needs not met with other mouthpieces in the catalog.

*Custom mouthpieces available upon request.

Model No. Outside Cup Inside Cup Cup Depth Drill Venturi Length
B. Peebles
Bass Shank Only
1.494 in.37.950 mm.1.029 in.26.140 mm.1.156 in.29.360 mm.0.266 in.6.760 mm.3.170 in.80.520 mm.
J. Whigham
1.495 in.37.970 mm.0.988 in.25.100 mm.0.895 in.22.730 mm.0.234 in.5.940 mm.3.250 in.82.550 mm.
I. McDougall
1.520 in.38.610 mm.0.999 in.25.370 mm.0.868 in.22.050 mm.0.228 in.5.790 mm.3.140 in.79.760 mm.
C. Loper
1.514 in.38.460 mm.0.988 in.25.100 mm.0.856 in.21.740 mm.0.234 in.5.940 mm.3.140 in.79.760 mm.
L. Ulyate
1.487 in.37.770 mm.0.989 in.25.120 mm.0.867 in.22.020 mm.0.246 in.6.250 mm.3.030 in.76.960 mm.
M. Gillette
1.493 in.37.920 mm.0.983 in.24.970 mm.0.825 in.20.960 mm.0.238 in.6.050 mm.3.140 in.79.760 mm.
R. Dahl
1.506 in.38.250 mm.0.981 in.24.920 mm.0.778 in.19.760 mm.0.234 in.5.940 mm.3.140 in.79.760 mm.
D. Steinmeyer
1.561 in.39.650 mm.0.981 in.24.920 mm.0.761 in.19.330 mm.0.228 in.5.790 mm.3.140 in.79.760 mm.