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All Marcinkiewicz horns are hand-crafted and built to order. Using our hands-on custom approach it allows the player to hand pick every aspect of their new horn, which creates not only a fantastic instrument in general, but the instrument of the player's dreams.

Bell Choices

The bell has the single largest impact on the sound of an instrument. Choosing the right bell for a new instrument can be a challenge. The best place to start is deciding which sound you are looking for. Are you hoping for a bright, sizzling lead sound; the darkest classical tone possible; or something in between? By combining the correct material and bell design, you can achieve the exact sound you are looking for. All Marcinkiewicz bells are one piece, hand hammered, hand spun bells. Every bell starts from a sheet of flat material of your choice and is painstakingly cut, folded, brazed, hammered, and spun to perfection. Most of our bells are offered in multiple sizes as well. Ordering with the "X" option adds 1/4" to the bead.

Bell Designs

Custom Bell

The custom bell is our brightest playing bell. Inspired by the pre-war French Besson and Chicago Benge models, the custom bell is designed for the players looking for a big, bright tone, and excellent projection. This bell is perfectly suited for lead and commercial playing. The custom bell has been designed with a tighter tail section, combined with a unique 4 3/4 inch flair. This spectacular design allows for freedom and flexibility while maintaining a clear and focused sound.

Three Bell

The three is our most popular bell. Very well rounded, it tends to be the workhorse bell. It is perfectly suited for the player who does it all. This bell has been designed to produce a clear and focused tone without sacrificing spread and sound quality. A medium taper combined with the stock 5" bead lends excellent projection while adding warmth and tone. Suited for all around playing, this bell is as at home in the big band as it is in a wind ensemble.

Four Bell

The Four is our largest bell using the most open flare we offer. This also makes it the darkest of our bells. Well suited for orchestral as well as small combo work, the large flare makes a warmer sound with more lower resonance. The Four has the "weight" of sound reminiscent of the classic Martin Committees - a big, dark trumpet sound that is responsive enough for all settings.


Yellow Brass - 70% Copper, 30% Zinc

The classic bell material and still the most widely used. Yellow brass produces a bright, clean tone which has proven well in all playing situations.

Red Brass (RB) - 85% Copper, 15% Zinc

Red brass has long been used to achieve a slightly warmer sounding bell. The additional copper not only darkens the color, but darkens the sound as well by reinforcing the lower harmonics without sacrificing clarity.

Commercial Bronze (CB) - 90% Copper, 10% Zinc

One of the darker sounding materials available, an excellent choice when looking for a rich, warm tone. Well suited for jazz and solo work.

Copper (C) - 100% Copper

The copper bell is the warmest and richest of all the material options. Copper is a softer material as compared to brass and bronze. The unique quality of this material allows a player to create a beautiful dark tone with great response and clarity. The copper bell is perfectly suited for players looking for a full tone, with clarity from top to bottom and without any edge on top.

Bore Sizes & Leadpipes

Marcinkiewicz Trumpets and Cornets are offered in the following bore sizes.

Leadpipe Sizes:

#3 0.343" Tightest lead pipe offered. Gives a brighter tone with moderate resistance.
#5 0.345" Our original lead pipe, a good all around fit for all bores. Produces an even clean sound with just enough resistance.
#7 0.347" A good fit for those looking for a more open blow without the extra work or sacrificing tone.
#9 0.349" More open than the #7, easy blowing with less edge on the sound. A big, warm tone.

Bore Sizes:

Reversed Leadpipes (RLP)

We offer reverse leadpipes on most models. Reverse leadpipes tend to give less resistance than our standard version without adding the additional size of a larger pipe. Our reverse leadpipes are made integral with the upper slide. By making our RLP's one piece, we eliminate any risk of misalignment or turbulence at the joint.

Medium Large (ML) - 0.459"
Large (L) - 0.464"


The artistry of Marcinkiewicz instruments does not end with assembly. All instruments are hand finished to ensure no detail is missed. We offer a variety of finish combinations for what ever look you desire. Standard finish on instruments is bright silver (99.9%) plate with 24k gold trim. All gold is plated over a silver base. Standard gold trim includes top and bottom valve caps, finger buttons, slide lock screw, and water keys when applicable.

Other finish options are available, such as 24K gold plating the entire instrument, or only select parts. Also available are satin finishes. Some ideas include:

  • Satin silver Body with Bright Silver Slides
  • Satin Gold Plate
  • Gold Plate Inside of Bell
  • Gold Slides with Bright or Satin Silver Body
  • Clear and Satin Laquers

Mouthpiece Finishes

All Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces come standard in a bright sterling silver plate. Plating has a 90 day warranty against any finish issues or premature wear. Gold plating is also offered at an additional cost. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all plating work.