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Vermeer Trumpets

The Vermeer trumpet is a classically designed trumpet, inspired by the great horns of yester year. Traditional in its design the Vermeer trumpet is perfectly suited for players of all levels and styles. Using the same valve cluster as the Rembrandt models, the Vermeer model trumpet is 100% brass. The Vermeer model will play a bit tighter and more compact than its Rembrandt counterpart. If you're a player that likes to feel the compression of the instrument, then the Vermeer model trumpet is the horn for you!

About the Vermeer Name:

Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675) is considered one of the finest artists of the 1600s. He is greatly admired for his exquisite simplicity and the optical appeal of his pictures. Producing only 35 paintings in his 20 year painting career, his focus on subtlety, contrast and his use of light was revolutionary. Vermeer's works have often been described as beautiful, enigmatic, and poetical, with a sense of the "classical" harmony and purity of designs.

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