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Rembrandt Extended Range Trumpets

Unfortunately, instrument production is on hiatus. We are not accepting new orders at this time.

Available Bell Bore Size Lead Pipe Bell Bead
ThreeML .459
Three XL .464
5 1/4"
FourML .459
4 3/4"
Four XL .464


The three is our most popular bell. Very well rounded, it tends to be the workhorse bell. It is perfectly suited for the player who does it all. This bell has been designed to produce a clear and focused tone without sacrificing spread and sound quality. A medium taper combined with the stock 5" bead lends excellent projection while adding warmth and tone. Suited for all around playing, this bell is as at home in the big band as it is in a wind ensemble.


The Four is our largest bell using the most open flare we offer. This also makes it the darkest of our bells. Well suited for orchestral as well as small combo work, the large flare makes a warmer sound with more lower resonance. The Four has the "weight" of sound reminiscent of the classic Martin Committees - a big, dark trumpet sound that is responsive enough for all settings.